The equipment

Surface treatment workshop equipment

We offer a set of accessories allowing the equipment of your workshops and chains of surface treatment.

  • Polyester grating
  • Ladders
  • Stairs
  • Other equipment products
  • Polyester grating

    Our gratings are made according to an original and patented technology based on injection molding called RTM (Resin Transfer Molded). This technology is based on the polymerization of the gratings in a closed mold which ensures a homogeneous crosslinking of the resin and considerably reduces the harmful effects for the environment. Even the manual machining has been replaced by ad hoc robot machines and at the forefront.

    caillebotis en polyester

    The + of this product

    • Resistant to corrosion
    The resins ensure the inalterability of gratings even in contact with most chemical compounds.
    • Dielectric
    Polyester does not conduct electricity.
    • No softening
    The resins are thermosetting and do not soften under the effect of heat.
    • Resistant to atmospheric agents and UV
    Excellent for use in air as it is resistant to atmospheric agents and sunlight.
    • Lightweight
    Their specific weight is 1.4 kg / dm3. They are easy to handle and do not weigh much on the supporting structure.
    • No maintenance
    Install and forget.
    • Resistant
    Glass fibers give strength and weight resistance


    Our ladders are made with polyester profiles fixing the ladders to the posts with trunnions. The crinoline is completely made with polyester profiles and assembled with stainless steel screws. The ladders are fixed with polyester or stainless steel anchors.

    Echelle en polyester


    Manufactured with pultruded profiles, polyester gratings and stainless steel accessories according to ISO 14122-1-2-3, our stairs can be supplied prefabricated and complete with guardrails and projected in different inclinations.

    Our profiles are also used for the construction of light railings and bridges, resistant and durable. No treatment is necessary and our constructions are designed according to the European standard ISO 14122 and the national standards of each country.


    Other equipment products

    Control cabinet
    Automation cabinet
    DC rectifiers
    DC inverter
    Polyester railing
    Air booster for brewing baths
    Generator and ultrasound transmitter
    Wringers and drying
    Handling robot

    Robot de manutention
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