Filtration systems

Filtration systems

Filtration is a separation process for separating the constituents of a mixture that has a liquid phase and a solid phase through a porous medium.

  • Pleated filter cartridge – LTEC
  • Pleated filter cartridge – FILTECH
  • Papers and filter cloths
  • Pleated filter cartridge – LTEC

    Retractable handle: for easy handling.
    Combs: to maintain the spacing between the folds and to guarantee an increased quality and longevity of filtration.
    Easy fluid passage: Polypropylene grid to keep media gap in use.

    Pleated filter cartridge – FILTECH

    Wide range from 1 to 100μm.
    Polypropylene core.
    Large filtering area of ​​2.5m² / 10 ”.
    Low pressure drop.
    High retention capacity
    Specific tips on request.
    Patented combs
    Patented handles

    Papers and filter cloths

    For use with 195/258/456 mm diameter filter packs, a wide range of thin or thick paper discs, polypropylene discs, non-woven TERGAL discs, PVDF discs, PTFE discs.

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